Sound Devices Mixpre-10T

kr770.00 eks. MVA

  • 8 stk XLR/TRS-innganger
  • Mini-XLR-lydutgang
  • 3,5 mm tele hodetelefonutgang
  • 3,5 mm tele stereoutgang
  • 3,5 mm tele AUX-inngang
  • Tidskode inn og ut
  • USB-A og USB-C

✓ 1på lager


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For professional videographers, field recordists, podcasters, and Ambisonics enthusiasts who need pristine audio capture of up to eight microphones, the Sound Devices MixPre-10T multi-track field recorder is an ideal tool. Record up to 10 tracks of external sources (eight channels via XLR-1/4″ combo jacks and two channels via a 3.5mm mini jack) plus a stereo mix at up to 24-bit / 192 kHz, and route the mix to your camera or DSLR while monitoring the stereo mix or separate channels through headphones. Thanks to its handles and integrated 1/4″-20 threads, the MixPre-10T can be placed in a sound bag, attached to a camera/tripod, or even slung from a shoulder/neck strap.

In addition to the large channel knobs and transport joystick, a sunlight-readable color touchscreen ensures user-friendly access to all settings. Basic, Advanced, and Custom operating modes allow you to instantly reconfigure the MixPre-10T for different applications, making it equally useful for beginners and experienced professionals. From the eight high-gain, low-noise Kashmir mic preamps to the extremely powerful headphone amplifier and balanced stereo outputs, everything about the MixPre-10T is optimized for peak audio performance and maximum workflow efficiency.

Accurate timecode synchronization and numerous powering options make the MixPre-10T adept at handling the varied demands of modern productions. For enhanced operating convenience, you can control the MixPre-10T wirelessly via the Wingman iOS/Android app or from a compatible USB-connected MIDI controller.

Record all 10 input channels and your stereo mix at the same time in 44.1, 48, 96, or 192 kHz resolution. The MixPre-10T utilizes BWF (Broadcast WAV) files that support embedded timecode and extensive metadata such as track names, file names, and notes. You can even hook up a USB keyboard for quick entry of metadata text. Built with precision 32-bit A/D converters, the MixPre-10T ensures audio recordings surpass those of off-the-shelf, IC-based mic preamps.

The MixPre-10T’s Kashmir preamps deliver premium amplification with a massive 76 dB of maximum gain and an ultra-low noise level of -128 dBu. Eight locking Neutrik XLR-1/4″ combo inputs, with per-channel 48V phantom power, support mic level and +4 dBu line level to accommodate external microphones or balanced outputs from high-end wireless receivers. Independently switchable polarity, analog limiting, and low-cut filtering allow you to tailor each channel for the best tone. Plus, eight dedicated channel knobs with LED rings ensure fast mixing on the fly.

A single 3.5mm mini jack serves several input functions. Through the menu system, it can be assigned to Mic, Line, Camera, or Timecode mode. Use Mic mode if you need to hook up a lavalier mic that requires plug-in power. Line mode is ideal for recording the output of a smartphone or stereo line-level source. Switch to Camera mode to monitor the audio return from a camera or DSLR, or select Timecode mode to accept SMPTE LTC (linear timecode) at the 3.5mm input.

Timecode from a camera or master TC clock can be patched into the MixPre-10T’s HDMI Type-D jack, 3.5mm aux input, or BNC timecode input. In either case, the MixPre-10T automatically detects the incoming timecode frame rate and stamps the recorded files accordingly. The low-drift internal timecode generator can be set to pause when recording stops, jam-sync to a temporary timecode source, or continue in “free run” mode for up four hours after powering down.

Another option is TOD (Time of Day) mode, which stamps recordings with the time of day derived from the MixPre-10T’s built-in date/time clock. TOD mode is used to log the time of each recording, not to synchronize files or devices.

Thanks to its built-in Bluetooth capabilities, the MixPre-10T supports wireless remote control via the Wingman iOS/Android app, which displays high-resolution meters, current timecode, transport buttons, and more.For tactile mixing and transport control, connect a compatible USB MIDI controller such as Korg’s nanoKONTROL Studio or nanoKONTROL 2, the Novation Launch Control XL, or the Akai MIDImix.