Custom Lynx TOURGRADE CAT6A EtherCON Cable – 100 meter

kr120.00 eks. MVA

– NEW Custom Lynx Flexible Tourgrade CAT6A Cable (S/FTP – Braided Screen + Foil Twisted Pairs)
– Schill GT310 Professional Drum With Brake
– Genuine Neutrik NE8MX-1 and NE8FDV-YK
– Shielded CAT6A RJ45 Plugs Grounded To The Shell Of The NE8MX-1

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Custom Lynx Cat6A FLEXIBLE S/FTP EtherCON Drum System constructed using a Pro Quality Schill GT310 cable drum, Custom Lynx Tourgrade CAT6A FLEXIBLE S/FTP cable, a Neutrik NE8FDV-YK Chassis connector (Grounded) and a Neutrik NE8MX-1 RJ45 Shell connector (Grounded).

The NEW Category 6A stranded conductor cable provides 10G performance..

This drum system is suitable for use in tour/stage environments where quick and flexible deployment is needed or linking two remote items of equipment is a requirement.

The drum used is the Schill GT310 and is made from hard plastic, the cable is jet black in colour, with nickel silver coloured chassis and shell connectors. 


Please Note:

This cable drum is terminated “Straight Through” meaning mapping of connections pin to pin from 1 to 8 (1 to 1, 2 to 2 etc.)